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14-Jun-2017 17:36

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Nor did Enoch Powell do much to make immigrants feel at home.

Yet today’s mythical “Muslim Problem” represents a new frontier in the normalisation of hate, frankly along with voting Ukip.

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In his latest column he writes: “One day soon, if Philip Hammond and Liam Fox are right, we will be back in charge of immigration. ” I mention Kavanagh particularly because he is, I think, close to Rupert Murdoch, and he writes in what remains an influential newspaper.

But none of that actually solved the Irish Question – a political question.

Most were horrified at the bloodshed and resentful at how the gunmen made their lives miserable, and angry about the idea that all Irish people were secret supporters of terror.

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It makes me sad to see it debased, except of course that elements of the British press were on Mosley’s side in the 1930s, so it ain’t that new. In any case this type of hostility and vengeful phobia is, of course, precisely the sort of reaction that Bin Laden and all who came after him have sought, to foment a sort of race/religious war that will justify their actions, perpetuate the conflict they started and feed off its own hatreds.

And just as the fraudulent Protocols of the Elders of Zion was supposed to prove a global Jewish conspiracy, so now we are sometimes asked to believe in the Qur’an as the motivation for some monolithic “Muslim” entity in some great “clash of civilisations”.

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